Polymer Clay

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What is Polymer Clay?

Easy to work with, Cernit clay is a premium polymer clay that meets all the needs and desires of jewelry makers, miniaturists (culinary, botanical, etc.), as well as artists sculpting characters, figurines, or scenery.

The range consists of 105 colors that can all be mixed to create custom shades. The possibilities are endless.

After shaping, the creation should be baked in a home oven for 30 minutes at a maximum temperature of 130°C (265°F) to become completely solid and durable over time.

Properties of Cernit Clay

Its properties and strengths are recognized by the most talented artists around the world:

  • Easy and quick to condition, never dries out
  • 105 colors that do not stain hands or tools
  • Post-baking effects that meet all needs
  • Odorless before, during, and after baking
  • Can be re-baked multiple times without changing color
  • And above all, an incredible and unmatched flexibility after baking

Made in Belgium

All clays are manufactured in our factory in Belgium, near Liège, allowing us to control the entire production process.

Explore our range of Polymer Clays