Epoxy Resin

What is epoxy resin?

To enhance polymer clay creations or create jewelry and other small objects from scratch, Cernit offers ready-to-use epoxy resin kits for DIY resin casting.

Epoxy resin is composed of two solutions to be mixed (the resin and the hardener) to obtain a hard and solid solution. It does not require baking; depending on the thickness of the creation, the resin cures in 24 to 72 hours at room temperature.

Its main advantages are its incredible durability and crystal-clear transparency, which allows the incorporation of decorative elements such as pigments, glitters, dried flowers, seashells, etc. Epoxy resin allows for unique and personalized creations. It can also be colored using Cernit alcohol inks.

The Technique

The technique is very simple:

  • Step 1: Protect your hands by wearing gloves
  • Step 2: Pour the desired amount of resin into the appropriate cup
  • Step 3: Add the hardener according to the recommended ratio (=1 part hardener to 2 parts resin)
  • Step 4: Mix the two solutions using the stir stick

Finishing and Embellishment

Your resin is ready and can then be poured into the mold of your choice.

All the necessary tools (gloves, cup, stir stick, etc.) are included in our discovery kit.

Once the resin is dry, you can sand your creation to make it glossy, or apply the different effect varnishes from the Cernit range.