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Once upon a time, in the 1960s near Prague, Czech Republic, there was a young couple of scientists working on developing a baking-hardening clay. After numerous attempts, they succeeded in creating a relatively flexible and malleable material which they named Cernit, as a tribute to the wife whose name was Cerna.

In 1963, a German investor, Manfred Guder, joined the couple in the company. With the help of a chemist, he significantly expanded the range of colors for the clay. At the time, production took place in their factory in Frankfurt, Germany. However, over time, sales declined and the results were no longer satisfactory.

In 2008, the brand was acquired by a Belgian company, The Clay and Paint Factory, which took charge of designing and producing new effects and developing various accessories for modeling and creating jewelry, dolls, miniatures, etc. Their efforts quickly paid off, thanks in particular to word of mouth and social networks. The quality of the clay was recognized and appreciated by all, allowing Cernit to establish itself among the top brands used by professional polymer clay artists.

Since November 2022, the French company Clairefontaine Rhodia has taken over the reins of the company and therefore the marketing of the Cernit brand.

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