Portrait : Ana Belchi, polymer artist

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Portrait : Ana Belchi, polymer artist

For many years, we have been lucky enough to collaborate with the exceptional polymer artist Ana Belchi. Her unique work and passion for polymer clay have made her a key figure in the creative community worldwide.


Ana Belchi is a versatile Spanish artist whose creativity knows no bounds. It was in polymer clay that she found her true passion in 2000.

Ana has spent many years exploring the infinite possibilities of this material, constantly experimenting and pushing back the boundaries of what can be achieved with polymer clay.

Our collaboration

Ana began working with Cernit in spring 2014. This collaboration has opened up new perspectives for both parties. Ana Belchi has helped develop new ranges of colours and textures for Cernit polymer clay, adding an artistic dimension to an already exceptional product.


“I was teaching in Liège with another brand of polymer clay, and a student gave me two tablets of Cernit and asked me if I wanted to give the course with it. I said yes, and since then I’ve put aside the other brands and only work with Cernit.

The community

Ana’s work isn’t limited to her collaboration with our brand. She’s also a talented youtuber and generous teacher who shares her knowledge and passion with the polymer community. She runs workshops and training courses all over the world, helping many artists to perfect their skills.

An important memory linked to polymer clay

“For several years, I was production manager and teacher in a jewellery workshop where I managed around 25 people with severe schizophrenia. I worked with them making both traditional jewellery and polymer clay. They were great years and a real challenge 😉 ”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exceptional collaboration and for the extraordinary polymer artist Ana Belchi. Together, we continue to explore new artistic frontiers and bring to life ideas that inspire and amaze the world.