Sous-verre en pâte polymère Cernit

Discover all the possible uses for Cernit polymer clay!

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Discover all the possible uses for Cernit polymer clay!

Polymer clay is a versatile and fascinating material that has captured the hearts of craftspeople, artists and designers the world over. Among the many brands of polymer clay available on the market, Cernit stands out for its exceptional quality and infinite possibilities.

Jewellery creation and fashion art

Bijou en pâte ply

One of the most popular uses of Cernit polymer clay is to create handcrafted jewellery. Cernit clay is ideal for making unique beads, pendants, earrings and bracelets. You can shape it, texture it and colour it to your liking, then bake it to create durable, personalised pieces.

It can be matched to your outfit or used to add a touch of colour and originality to your textile creations: creating bespoke buttons, brooches, hairpins and unique fashion accessories.

Sculpture – figurine

This is also an excellent option for sculptors. You can create miniature sculptures, figurines (cake decorations) and objets d’art using this clay. It’s flexible enough for fine detail, yet strong enough to hold its shape after baking.

Sculpture en pâte pol


Cernit paste can be used to create interior design elements such as vases, candle holders, photo frames and ornaments. With a wide range of colours, you can coordinate your creations with any style of decoration.

Sous-verre en pâte polymère Cernit

Awaken children’s creativity: the benefits of Cernit polymer clay

Cernit is much more than just an artistic material: it’s a real source of fulfilment for children. Its unique properties make it an excellent tool for stimulating creativity, developing cognitive skills and promoting the pleasure of crafts.

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Whether you’re a budding jeweller, an experienced artist or a hobbyist, Cernit clay will help you create unique, personalised projects.

Explore your endless creativity and let this versatile material inspire you. Your next work of art could well be made with Cernit polymer clay!