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Partnership: Tiny Plants Cernit x l’Atelier Lyonnais

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Tiny Plants by Cernit & l’Atelier Lyonnais

We are thrilled to present our brand new partnership between Cernit and the talented creator of l’Atelier Lyonnais. This partnership highlights our shared passion for craftsmanship and the creation of unique objects.

As part of this collaboration, we focused on the adorable Tiny Plants, small polymer clay plants, meticulously handcrafted for Marie Dumas, the artist behind l’Atelier Lyonnais. Each plant is a true miniature masterpiece, reflecting the expertise and creativity of our partner.

The combination of Cernit polymer clay and Marie’s expertise brings unique and personalized pieces to life.

We look forward to seeing our partnership grow and presenting you with new creations. Stay tuned to discover our upcoming collaborations and be enchanted by the irresistible charm of the Tiny Plants from l’Atelier Lyonnais.